Accurate Simulation of Wound Healing and Skin Deformation

Stefan Feess,Stanford University,
Kathrin Kurfiss,Stanford University,
Dominik L. Michels,Stanford University.
In Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, SCA 2016, Jul. 2016.


author = {Stefan Feess and Kathrin Kurfiss and Dominik L.~Michels},
title = {Accurate Simulation of Wound Healing and Skin Deformation},
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We devise a method for the accurate simulation of wound healing and skin deformation. This is based on adequate formulations modeling the underlying biological processes. Cell movements and proliferation are described by a biochemical model whereas a biomechanical model covers effects like wound contraction and the influence of the healing process on the surrounding skin. The resulting simulation framework is very efficient and can be used with realistic input parameters like those measured in biochemistry and biophysics. The accurate behavior of our approach is shown by reproducing regenerative healing processes as well as specific effects such as anisotropic wound contraction, scarring and scab formation. Its efficiency and robustness is illustrated on a broad spectrum of complex examples.

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