Autumn 2015
CS448J @ Stanford: Concepts and Algorithms of Scientific and Visual Computing
Spring 2015
CS205A @ Stanford: Mathematical Methods for Robotics, Vision, and Graphics (Guest Lecturing)
Summer 2014
CMS @ Caltech: Summer Internship Projects in Computational Mathematics
Winter 2013
MA-INF 2302 @ Uni Bonn: Physics-based Modeling
MA-INF 2311 @ Uni Bonn: Master Lab Course
Summer 2013
MA-INF 2311 @ Uni Bonn: Master Lab Course
BA-INF 051 @ Uni Bonn: Bachelor Project Group

For students, a wide range of bachelor and master thesis topics on fundamental and applied aspects in algorithmics, computer algebra, computational mathematics and physics as well as in scientific and visual computing is offered.